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Work with a Bankruptcy Virtual Paralegal

Working with a virtual paralegal can help both new bankruptcy practitioners save time, become more efficient and learn more about the bankruptcy process. Read this blog post to find out more.

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Learn How to File Bankruptcy Cases

Use these resources to build your knowledge base and start practicing bankruptcy quickly. Adding bankruptcy law to your law firm will expand your client base and help keep your practice on the path to growth.

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Legal Tech Startup to Watch: CaseYak

CaseYak is an artificial intelligence platform that can predict the value of personal injury claims. Our platform increases access to justice for injured individuals while generating leads and streamlining client intake for personal injury attorneys.

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Pulling Credit Reports for Your Bankruptcy Clients

Pulling credit reports is a must for bankruptcy cases. It will save you time and ensure that the info in your case is accurate. Find out how NextChapter's integration with Universal Credit Services can help with this.

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Managing Law Firm Staff During a Busy Time

It’s hard to stay motivated when your law firm is swamped with work. Employees can burn out fast and the work seems like it will never end. Read this blog to find out how to conquer the busy times and manage your staff.

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