Bankruptcy Firms: Marketing and Gen-Z
Read more about how you can let Gen-Z know how your firm can help during financial crisis and bankruptcy.
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Published on May 18, 2023

More and more, bankruptcy law firms have to consider Gen-Z an essential demographic. Since Generation Z members have now grown into adults, there will be times when more of them have to think about bankruptcy, even as a last resort.

There are more economic headwinds than ever, whether Gen-Zers are concerned about recession, the ongoing inflation crisis, or job stability. Bankruptcy firms can offer these adults a safe environment to navigate their financial troubles. On that note: what can bankruptcy firms do to ensure they’re appealing to Generation Z?

The Importance Of Video

88% of Gen Z spend time on Youtube, so having a Youtube strategy is one of the most obvious ways to market to the demographic. Instagram, a platform that has shifted to prioritize video reels, comes in second with 76%. 

Your law firm should consider creating concise, informative, educational video content that delivers value and remains relevant to your brand or sector. Using social media platforms like Instagram to share your firm’s accomplishments or offer a “behind the scenes” look at your firm can go a long way towards differentiating you from the competition. 

Invest In Your Website

To attract Gen Z clients, you’ll want an aesthetically-pleasing website. Too many law firms have boring and bare-minimum websites that aren’t modern, optimized for mobile, or keeping SEO top of mind. For example, choosing the right visuals and fonts can go a long way toward luring the Gen-Z demographic.

Make sure also to set up a Google My Business listing to attract those in your geographical area. Your website should feature high-quality photos, relevant social proof (client testimonials/reviews), and appropriate calls to action.

Genuine Engagement

Gen Z is a generation that appreciates honesty, transparency, and companies that talk “with” them rather than at them. Law firms can benefit from engaging with Gen Zers, whether creating Tiktok content around popular questions or debunking popular myths about bankruptcy. 

A massive following doesn’t guarantee success but can generate valuable leads. Rather than go “straight for the sale,” Gen Z appreciates informative engagement that offers value. Respond to comments and reviews transparently, and Gen Z will respect you even more for it. 

Keep Branding In Mind

Many law firms focus on growing their core business rather than building a genuine brand. This can be a massive mistake concerning the Gen-Z demographic. They’re interested in companies that are authentic, transparent, and have a personality.

Gen Z is used to supporting brands with a clear mission, and this can’t happen without a bankruptcy firm with a foundation concerning branding and messaging. While you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on branding, your firm should have a unique visual identity, tone of voice, mission statement, and logo. 


Gen Z are adults who may not need a bankruptcy law firm currently but will be drawn to firms that have a social media presence. While your firm should do some research to choose what social media platforms to use, the truth is that you’ll want to be on several social media platforms at once. 

Gen-Z adults are tech-savvy and want to support companies they view as authentic and accountable. If you maintain a social media presence, deliver valuable content, and have a cohesive brand, you’ll go a long way toward speaking their language.