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Improve Your Online Presence & Reputation with Modern Attorney

In our digital age, your online presence is one of the most important parts of your practice and greatly impacts your ability to get new clients. Younger generations use the internet for everything, and finding products and services in their area is no exception. They are increasingly going online to find attorneys, and the information available to them with a few clicks determines who they’ll hire.

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Fall 2019 Recap

Now that winter has arrived, we'd like to take some time to reflect upon the Autumn months. Fall is often referred to as the season of change and this year was no exception for NextChapter. From hiring new staff to releasing new features to the acquisition; these last few months had a lot of new. Keep reading to see what happened this Fall at NextChapter.

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Migration Success Story

In September, NextChapter was acquired by Fastcase. This acquisition was a huge win for both Fastcase and NextChapter, as well as the entire legal industry! Now that we're on the same team, the sky is the limit. Together, Fastcase and NextChapter will make practicing the law even smarter by broadening our form filing capabilities into other practice areas. The acquisition had a lot of moving parts. Both the Fastcase and NextChapter teams worked diligently to spread the news, support users and migrate Fastcase BK subscriber data into NextChapter.

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Become a More Responsive Lawyer

It's pretty simple—when a client reaches out to you via contact form on your website, phone call, or email, they're expecting a prompt response. They're probably contacting a number of attorneys, trying to get a quote or more information about fees, the legal process, and the like. Responding to prospects within 24 hours seems like a no-brainer. Think about it: A hot lead wants to hire you, so why wouldn't you jump on it? But let's face it, your law firm gets busy. You become wrapped up in current cases, clients, and court. Maybe you've been out of the office or just overlooked the email or voicemail entirely.

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Ted Talks for Lawyers

A great way for lawyers to find inspiration in their practice is to hear from experts about topics related to the legal field and both career and personal goals. Watching TED Talks can be motivating, giving you another point of view on themes and subjects you’re already thinking about or those you haven’t yet considered. NextChapter put together this list of TED Talks that are relevant to lawyers, grouped by category.

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