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New Year Checklist for Lawyers

The new year is approaching fast. Is your law firm ready? The holiday season can be overwhelming with wrap-ups both at home and at work. But if you don’t start prepping for 2020 now, you’ll start the new year already behind. Here’s your new year checklist so that your practice is set up for success in 2020.

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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift-giving is one of the most exciting—yet stressful—parts of the holidays each year. You may have a strict budget, or you just have no idea what to buy your loved ones. This lawyer buying guide will help you narrow down your options, whether you’re shopping for an attorney in your life, if you’re an attorney and your family is asking what to get you, or if you just want to treat yourself to a gift this year.

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Fall Wellness Tips

Autumn has arrived, and that means that the days are getting shorter, and it’s getting colder out there. Because the excitement of summer has ended, and often the relaxation that comes with it, fall can be a hard time to readjust to the grind. This is why focusing on your physical and mental health is a must for lawyers. Check out these simple ways to beat the winter blues and keep your mind and body healthy and happy!

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Find an Attorney with the NextChapter Directory

Hiring a lawyer can seem overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Not only do you have to narrow down by practice focus, but then you’re presented with a list of names, knowing nothing about each individual person. And it’s crucial to find the right person for your specific situation and needs, as you need to work with someone you trust and can effectively communicate with. Here’s where to start.

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5 Books Every Lawyer Should Read

Lawyers: Make space on your bookshelves for these must-reads. It’s hard to narrow down the vast number of books out there that can assist with professional and personal development. We’ve decided to help and present these top five essential reads for lawyers, broken down by category.

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