Working from Home Essentials for Lawyers


As remote work continues to become more and more ubiquitous, you should always be prepared to work virtually. You can do just that with NextChapter’s cloud-based software, which connects you to clients and to paralegals as long as you have wi-fi.


Here are your essentials for working from home as a lawyer.


Reliable technology

First and foremost, make sure you’re all set with your internet connection at home. You’ll need reliable, stable Wi-Fi to keep productivity moving forward and to have virtual meetings with team members and clients. Other equipment you may want to consider adding to your home office includes a monitor, headset, and mouse.


Cloud-based software

Cloud-based software makes it possible to work from anywhere. You can simply pick up where you left off at the office. NextChapter is a fully cloud-based bankruptcy app that you can use on any device, as long as you have Wi-Fi.


A separate place to work

You need to feel like you’re actually going to work in the morning, even though you’re staying home. Dedicate a separate space for your office and workspace, even if it’s just a table that you’re temporarily converting into a desk. This will help you stay on task and feel productive.


Ideally, you’ll want to be in a space where you can be separate from your family and distractions like the television or pets.


Phone and webcam

It’s also important to have reliable phone service to take calls, as well as a webcam on your laptop or computer for virtual meetups. When you pair this equipment with a headset, you’ll be able to type or write notes during calls to keep you even more productive.


Remote help

If you or your team members are sick, that doesn’t mean that your bankruptcy practice has to be put on hold. Our Paralegals as a Service offering at NextChapter allows you to connect with a paralegal remotely, and we can help you pick up some of the work. Our virtual team is comprised of experienced legal professionals who are already experts in the remote working life. Hire a virtual paralegal on a per-case or hourly basis to take care of all of your legal work.