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Client Value Proposition for Lawyers

In this growing world of lawyers and law firms, many attorneys are searching for that one thing that makes their practice special. They want to stand out and they want clients to choose them over their competitors. In order to gain more clients and beat out the competition, you'll need to focus on what lies at the base of your marketing efforts: a strong client value proposition.

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NextChapter Acquired by Fastcase

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that NextChapter has been acquired by Fastcase! Starting today, our teams will be joining forces to bring more innovation into the legal tech space.

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Lawyer Blogs You Should Be Following

Blogging is a highly beneficial medium for sharing and taking in new information, and is a great way to educate and learn from other leaders within your industry. In the legal tech space, you can read about updates to case law, find the best legal technology and gain insight on how to best manage your practice. Blogs are also a great way to establish yourself and your firm as an expert and thought leader in the industry. More importantly, blogs are short and don't take much time to read, so you won't need to take much time out of your day. Blogs are short, insightful, and could provide a lot of direction on a multitude of aspects of your business. Check out some of the incredibly informative law blogs below.

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Why Lawyers Should Attend Conferences

Lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, and just about everyone else in the legal space come together every so often to learn, share, and connect with one another. They listen to leaders in the space and learn about other businesses while networking and having a whole lot of fun. All of this and more are just some of what goes on at a legal conference. Read on to learn more about what conferences entail and how attending one will benefit your firm.

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NextChapter Hidden Features

NextChapter's intuitive bankruptcy software modernizes case filing for attorneys by making the process automated and overall more smooth. Here at NextChapter, we're consistently updating our software to make it better and more comprehensive. In doing so, over the years we've added many smaller features that expedite filing times, cut down on data entry, and just make the whole process smoother. These features sometimes fly under the radar, but prove to be very beneficial for high-filing and small firms alike. Check out some of NextChapter's hidden features below.

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