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Become a More Responsive Lawyer

It's pretty simple—when a client reaches out to you via contact form on your website, phone call, or email, they're expecting a prompt response. They're probably contacting a number of attorneys, trying to get a quote or more information about fees, the legal process, and the like. Responding to prospects within 24 hours seems like a no-brainer. Think about it: A hot lead wants to hire you, so why wouldn't you jump on it? But let's face it, your law firm gets busy. You become wrapped up in current cases, clients, and court. Maybe you've been out of the office or just overlooked the email or voicemail entirely.

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What Millennial Clients Look for in an Attorney

There’s no escaping the fact that millennials now make up a good share of your client base—and that share will continue to increase. Millennials are projected to become the largest generation in 2019, overtaking Baby Boomers, according to Pew Research. To stay competitive, you need to adapt to the needs of these clients. Here’s how to keep impressing millennials to get more clients and stand out from other attorneys in your area.

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Client Value Proposition for Lawyers

In this growing world of lawyers and law firms, many attorneys are searching for that one thing that makes their practice special. They want to stand out and they want clients to choose them over their competitors. In order to gain more clients and beat out the competition, you'll need to focus on what lies at the base of your marketing efforts: a strong client value proposition.

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Life After Bankruptcy

Is your client looking for tips and advice about life after they file bankruptcy? Here are some ways your client can make the most out of their fresh start.

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