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Virtual Paralegal Support: First

When you need a paralegal to take on some of your law firm’s administrative and case preparation work, you may be holding off because you don’t need the help all the time—only during busy seasons. You need a solution that gives you access to a paralegal, but only when you need an extra hand. Fortunately, NextChapter can help. NextChapter founder Janine Sickmeyer is a former virtual paralegal working for attorneys all over the U.S., and she developed an efficient way to prepare documents electronically to work with both debtors and attorneys.

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Text Reminders: First.

Part of keeping up with an ever-mobile client base is your ability to communicate in the most advanced, simplest formats. Modern customers, and especially younger generations, want the ability to talk to their attorneys from anywhere, anytime, so texting has become a must-have communication method.

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Bankruptcy Mobile App: First.

We live in a world focused on mobility and instant access, and thus mobile apps are now ubiquitous. Many businesses and organizations offer a simple application to better interact with and provide services to their customers. Why should bankruptcy law be any different?

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Attorney Directory: First

Part of growing your law practice is ensuring that clients can find you. Because most people use online searches to find their products and services these days, they have a strong online presence to be digitally searchable. NextChapter was the first legal software to also introduce an online attorney directory to help our attorneys get more clients. The Modern Attorney Directory makes you easy to find, and clients can instantly look over your credentials, personal information, and fees.

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Live Chat Support: First.

When you have a question about your law firm’s software, your business won’t pause until you get an answer. That’s why you need a support tool that’s instant, and a live chat support feature can be the perfect solution. NextChapter is the first bankruptcy software to offer an in-app, live chat support solution. Our in-app chat is integrated into our software for attorneys, and we have a team of dedicated customer success specialists who answer your questions instantly. And we’re not talking about chatbots—you’ll be speaking to real people who are experts in all things NextChapter.

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