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Best Practices for Client Communication as a Lawyer

Staying on top of client communication is a must to show your support. These best practices will help you revisit the way you interact with your legal clients.

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New Client Habits for a New Year

The New Year always brings a sense of a clean slate and fresh start. Why not try to implement some new effective strategies for clients? Client intake is an area of bankruptcy practice that attorneys and paralegals tend to underutilize but client intake can be honed into an efficient process.

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8 Reasons NextChapter is Better

Find out how NextChapter is better than the competition.

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Getting Organized with Bankruptcy Clients

I was a paralegal for several years so I understand the daily operations in a law firm. Paralegals tend to spend most of their day tracking down client documents, inputting information into bankruptcy software and fighting off the interruption of client calls and pop-ins. I developed a few tips to get clients to respond more frequently and with the documents needed to get their bankruptcy filing started.

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