8 Reasons NextChapter is Better
Find out how NextChapter is better than the competition.
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Published on Jan 17, 2017


Attorneys often ask us why we're better than other bankruptcy programs. NextChapter is a brand new approach to petition preparing: single data entry and linear.


Because our goal is a simplified process, our software users won’t be filling out the bankruptcy forms in the traditional way. One of the questions our new users ask the most is “Where is the Statement of Financial Affairs?” Instead of having attorneys enter in the same information for the schedules and then the SOFA, we only ask them to enter the information in the system one time and then NextChapter uses it to fill out multiple forms. The initial confusion of this new process fades fairly quickly as our users realize how much faster this method is at preparing the petitions.


Linear is no longer just a word we’ve long since forgotten in high school geometry. NextChapter employs a linear process to the traditional zigzag process that other bankruptcy programs use. Instead of trying to remember so many different numbers, and where the information is to be used later in the process, you follow the steps laid out in our application and you won’t need to backtrack or toggle between numerous screens. We take software users through the filing information, then the debtor’s profile, property, claims, income and expenses all one at a time so that if you follow along you won’t miss any information on the petition. We find that this linear concept helps to better concentrate on filing out the fields as they appear instead of trying to focus on all the schedules at once.


Why is NextChapter different? For starters, we are revolutionizing the bankruptcy preparation process and simplifying a complex area of law. For more reasons why we beat our competition, check out the infographic below. And if you’re curious about the positive impacts our linear approach can have on your practice, check out the post: Getting Organized with Clients.