Best Practices for Client Communication as a Lawyer
Staying on top of client communication is a must to show your support. These best practices will help you revisit the way you interact with your legal clients.
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Published on Mar 03, 2021


Are you staying on top of client communication? Show your clients that you support them by staying flexible, offering new communication options, and prioritizing their needs. When you’re revisiting your communication plan, here are some best practices to incorporate to improve the way you are there for your bankruptcy and family law clients.



Prioritizing flexibility

One of the most effective ways to support your clients right now is by staying flexible. This means letting them know that you are always available should they have questions or concerns. Ask them how they prefer to be reached or to attend meetings. Check-in regularly to see if there’s anything you can do to help.



Remember to listen

Show your clients you care by being an active listener. It’s easy for attorneys to interrupt with suggestions or try to fix a problem quickly, but taking the time to pause and listen before responding helps you understand your clients better. You will be able to pay more attention to how they are feeling before you jump in with a response. Listening patiently shows clients that you really care about what they’re going through.



Using the latest technologies

Many clients may prefer to meet virtually right now, while some pandemic restrictions and recommendations are still in place. Invest in video conferencing tools like Zoom so you can still meet with clients face-to-face, but safely from home.


Phone calls can also be an effective way to stay in touch in a convenient, safe way. Make sure you have all necessary technologies at your fingertips so you can pivot based on what your current clients require to feel comfortable.



Client texting

Another new technology to invest in is client texting. Many businesses around the world are now texting with customers, and the format can be more personal, direct, and convenient. Legal clients will be able to receive faster responses from you and use their mobile devices that they already have with them all the time.


NextChapter's Client Texting tool helps attorneys incorporate unlimited client texting. You receive an email notification as soon as a client texts you, and your law firm is assigned a local number. You never have to give out your personal cell phone number. Client Texting also allows you to automate reminders so that deadlines or hearings are never missed.


Attorneys need to be able to stay in touch with clients regularly, and client texting is the perfect way to do it.



Whether you help divorce, immigration, bankruptcy, or any kind of clients, offering these additional communication methods provides more convenient ways to talk and answer questions. Support your clients through their challenging legal processes by using video technology and incorporating Client Texting from NextChapter.


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