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Legal Tech Startup to Watch: Doc Pro

DocPro is a professional document platform for Individuals and Businesses to create documents and legal contracts effortlessly for free. Read more about this legal tech startup in this blog post!

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Legal Tech Startup to Watch: Courtroom5

Courtroom5 was "created for people without lawyers by people without lawyers." Find more about this innovative legal tech startup by reading this blog post!

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Legal Tech Startup to Watch: CaseYak

CaseYak is an artificial intelligence platform that can predict the value of personal injury claims. Our platform increases access to justice for injured individuals while generating leads and streamlining client intake for personal injury attorneys.

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Legal Tech Startup to Watch: Paladin

Access to justice is a big topic in the legal world right now and with technology, finding legal help for those who cannot afford it is becoming more and more plausible. Paladin is leading the way by bridging the A2J gap with its industry-leading software that makes it possible for lawyers, companies and law schools to manage their pro bono work.

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