Legal Tech Startup to Watch: Doc Pro



NextChapter is happy to showcase another legal tech startup that we think is pretty great. DocPro is a platform where both individuals and businesses can find legal templates to streamline the document creation process and ensure quality.


This company is making it easier for the legal community to find and create documents and templates, but also to collaborate and share information with the public. Here’s what you should know about DocPro.



How DocPro works

When a business or individual needs to find a legal form, contract, or document, all they have to do is visit DocPro’s website. They have over 1,500 documents and templates in their database and 80 common law jurisdictions. The goal of the DocPro team was to create a place where the public could come for high-quality documents, helping them save time and money.


Commonly used documents are easily accessed on the site, including compliant letters, loan repayment documents, brand ambassador agreements, account opening forms, and documents related to COVID-19 relief. These documents are for both personal and business use.



Benefits of DocPro

It can be hard for those without a legal background to know where to look for legal documents they may need in their everyday lives. DocPro offers an online space where documents are created, verified, and shared so that people can find quality information and templates they need when dealing with a variety of financial, corporate, commercial, employment, and complaint issues.


You can sign up for DocPro for free, which gives you $10 in credits to use. You can then pay as little as $2.99 per month for more access.


DocPro is an innovative and impressive startup in the legal tech space because they recognized a need and provided an affordable, simple solution. Their mission is to “democratize documentation” by making it easier for the average person to have access to these documents.


DocPro’s team is made up of technology and legal professionals who had a vision to make legal documents available on a wider scale, and they’re succeeding.


Learn more by checking out the DocPro website!