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Bankruptcy Attorneys Want to Continue Working Remotely, Survey Finds

A Bloomberg survey found that 71% of bankruptcy attorneys want remote work to continue. What are the pros of working remotely and how can you make sure your firm is prepared to remain digital for the long haul?

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Bankruptcy Software for Mac

Mac computers have become the norm for many law practices. Learn why they're a more popular option and how the right bankruptcy software for Mac can help streamline your practice.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Software

The Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing software from NextChapter provides all the tools you need to streamline case filings, including a plan calculator, editor, time tracker, and receipt printouts.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Software for Lawyers

Update and streamline your practice with Chapter 7 bankruptcy software from NextChapter. Use automation tools, storage solutions, and integrations that make filing a breeze.

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Working with Bankruptcy Paralegals

When your bankruptcy law firm needs an extra hand, consider hiring a virtual paralegal to help you tackle time-consuming tasks on each of your cases.

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