What to Consider Before Joining a Lawyer Directory


You may know that you can grow your online presence by joining an attorney directory. But there are lots of them out there, all with different audiences and benefits. How do you decide which is the best attorney directory for you? What are the most important reasons to join?


Consider these key points on how to pick a lawyer directory.




You want to make sure you find the right platform to fit your budget. Lawyer directory memberships can vary widely in price, from low monthly payments to a couple hundred bucks paid as an annual fee. Some directories may be free to create a profile but these sites may not offer as many benefits as those that require a fee. Create a list of goals you want to accomplish by joining an attorney directory and decide how much you can spend before you start looking.




When a client starts a Google search for attorneys in their area, the first results will be the big directories, like Findlaw, Avvo, Super Lawyers, and Nolo. These sites get tons of traffic and encapsulate all legal areas and locations across the country. Even while clients can find you quickly on these sites, it’s also wise to consider smaller directories that may be more affordable or are more appropriate to your law firm’s needs.



What makes it different?

Also, consider what makes a directory stand out from others. Many platforms are focused on things like specific locations, practice areas, or clients. For example, Modern Attorney connects clients with tech-savvy attorneys that provide flexible options.


Your goals for your practice and your online presence will help you make the right choice and connect with your ideal client base.



Why choose Modern Attorney?

The Modern Attorney directory brings lots of benefits to tech-savvy attorneys and is especially helpful when you want to import client info from Modern Attorney directly into a new case in NextChapter. Create a profile that showcases your credentials, but also your personality and interests. Highlight how your practice uses modern technology and communication methods, like client texting or video conferencing tools.


With Modern Attorney, you get leads delivered right to your email inbox. If you’re already a NextChapter user, you can import the new client information instantly to create a new case.


Connect with clients like never before by joining the Modern Attorney directory.