Wellness Tips for Remote Legal Professionals



Spring is always a good time to check in with your mental and physical health. It’s easy for legal professionals to work overtime serving their clients, forgetting about their own needs throughout the day. But this can quickly lead to stress, anxiety, and burnout.


Here are five ways to stay healthy and happy while working from home.


1. Take regular breaks

You may have the best intentions with breaks, thinking you’ll be able to go for a stroll in the afternoon or take a long lunch. But when you’re deep in a case, it’s hard to actually do it. If this sounds like your issue, start setting an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you to get up in move at least every hour. Make sure you actually take a lunch break where you’re not doing any work. Your mind needs time to rest so you can maintain your focus and energy throughout the day.


2. Don’t work during off-hours

When your workday is over, don’t check your email or schedule client calls, if possible. You need those hours to spend time with friends or family, focus on your hobbies and interests, or just relax. Remember that to keep your mind and body healthy, you can’t be working 24/7.


3. Set boundaries

When working from home, you may have a million distractions, like kids, pets, chores, television, and much more. Make sure to set clear boundaries so you’re not constantly being interrupted. It would be ideal for you to have a separate office space where you can close the door for minimal disruptions. Make sure your family knows when you will not be available. These boundaries will help you maintain a healthy relationship between work and home life.


4. Meditate and de-stress

April is National Stress Awareness Month, and May is both National Mental Health Awareness Month and National Meditation Month, so now is the time to check in with your stress level. If you find yourself frequently stressed and anxious, take a few moments each morning to meditate. Even if you don’t use a meditation app, just try to sit and think without looking at your phone or computer. Practice deep breathing and close your eyes. Centering yourself for a moment is a must to keep yourself grounded and in the moment.


5. Exercise when you can

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for both your mind and your body. It’s important to make time for movement, even if you have a busy schedule. Try stretching for 10 minutes each morning or going for a quick run at lunch. Do yoga if you have the space for it at home. Get your family out for a bike ride in the evening. Exercising during the week will do wonders for your focus and overall well-being.


These five tips will get you thinking about ways to stay happy and healthy while you’re working on legal cases at home. Remember to take time for yourself and be good to your mind and body.