Meet the Team Monthly: Tim Shadoan
Tim Shadoan is one of NextChapter's top-knotch sales account specialists. Read this Meet the Team blog to find out more about him!
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Published on Oct 16, 2020


Tim Shadoan is one of NextChapter’s excellent sales account specialists, working from Dublin, Ohio. An expert at all things sales, Tim shines when bringing in new customers and getting creative with them so our platform improves their firm, adapting offerings to their needs.


Tim loves working for a legal tech startup because the industry has so much growth potential, and he feels he can also grow in the position. Salesforce, a CRM platform, and Notion, a project management tool, are two platforms he couldn’t live without on a daily basis because of the way they streamline processes and make his job easier.


Doing a lot of direct work with NextChapter clients, Tim recognizes the importance of listening. But one hack he provides is always being direct with customers when talking about a product or service so they are never left with uncertainty.


At NextChapter, Tim takes on many roles for customer accounts. He often leads webinars and schedules private demos so clients can better understand how the application will help them succeed. He also regularly talks to clients about which NextChapter plan would work best for their firm.


Calling on leads and finding new opportunities is another big part of his role as a sales account specialist. One feature in the platform that helps him do his job is the Chapter 13 Calculator. He says, “A calculator has always been my best friend,” and he recognizes just how much time can be saved when tasks are automated.


In his spare time, Tim loves binge-watching shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. He watches pretty much any and all sports and enjoys brewery hopping to find the best IPA in town.


We’re so lucky to have someone like Tim on the team, helping us grow and adapt to client needs!