Tools Every Law Firm Needs in 2021 and Beyond
Law firms need the latest tech tools, like automated documents and client texting, to stay current and continue growing.
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Published on May 04, 2021



Each year brings a new onslaught of technologies and tools that streamline processes and improve the way people work. For law firms, there are always new platforms and software solutions to watch for so that techniques like automation can be integrated into tedious processes. These tools help legal practices stay efficient and productive in any environment, even when workers are remote.


We will be walking through why technology is increasingly important for law firms and tools that every attorney needs to stay current.



Why is legal tech important?

Law firms have been around for a long time, and sometimes attorneys can get a bad reputation for staying stuck in the past with more traditional practices. But integrating the right legal tech means that firms can speed up processes, save time and money, and better serve their clients.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, law firms have had to pivot, with many staff working remotely. This is a great example of why legal tech is so important – it allows everyone to stay connected virtually on cloud-based platforms. Technology ensures that business can be conducted from anywhere and communication never stops.


And, tech like automation can help attorneys streamline data entry and paperwork to free up lots of time to focus on growing their practice or supporting their clients.



Tools every modern lawyer needs

Now let’s walk through the tech tools that are most important for attorneys to have:


Online payments

Today’s clients want convenience. They’re used to financial transactions occurring instantly from their computers or smartphones. Using a tool like NextChapter Payments allows you to invoice clients virtually and accept their payments online. It’s easier for the client and you get paid faster.


Client intake

A process that can be tedious and time-consuming is gathering client information. But this workflow can also be improved with technology. Use the Client Portal in NextChapter to seamlessly gather their data with a questionnaire, and instantly review and import everything into NextChapter.


Document automation

Gone are the days of manual data entry. Instead, use a tool that will help you complete your forms and documents in mere moments. NextChapter Docs helps you create templates and automatically import case information with tags and autofill features. Stop spending too much time on paperwork and let automation tools do the work for you.


Client texting

Today’s legal clients also love the ability to stay in touch on their cell phones. Most Americans use a smartphone every day, so texting with them can be convenient, easy, and fast. Client Texting from NextChapter helps you do it. You will be assigned a local number so you don’t have to use your personal number, and you can send clients automated text notifications about upcoming deadlines and appointments.


Paralegal as a Service

Finally, all these tools make remote work possible. When you need an extra hand on your cases, hire a virtual paralegal from Paralegal as a Service who works remotely to help you complete the process. They can handle research, due diligence, client communication, paperwork, and much more, all from their virtual location. Get help on-demand with PaaS from NextChapter.



Have we convinced you yet? Sign up for a free trial of NextChapter today to see the difference our software can make! Experience first-hand just how much your processes can be improved with the right technologies at your fingertips.