Meet the Paralegals: Stefanie Coller


Stefanie Coller is a litigation paralegal working out of Milwaukee. She really knows her stuff after 11 years of experience working on legal cases and loves the ability to work remotely.


She was inspired to become a paralegal to make a difference in people’s lives who are struggling. She also finds litigation and the law in general fascinating with all its moving parts and processes.


Working as a virtual paralegal with NextChapter, there’s always something new, which is what Stefanie loves about the gig. She loves using online tools to conduct research faster and more efficiently when working on her cases. Each case is a little bit different, so making sure those online search tools are accessible is a must.


To stay focused, Stefanie recommends getting in the zone when working so that there aren’t a lot of other distractions, like news or social media. It’s especially crucial for virtual legal workers to have that kind of tunnel vision when working on their cases since it’s easy to become distracted by obligations at home.


NextChapter’s features help paralegals like Stefanie stay focused, as all client and case information can be managed in one place. Payments can even be made by clients in NextChapter Payments. Create invoices and payment plans, invite clients to view them, and much more with this tool. Clients can even pay their fees directly in our Client Portal! Integrations with other applications also help paralegals streamline their workflows.


Stefanie loves that she can stay home to work so she can spend more time with her kids and her dogs. When she’s not working on litigation cases, Stefanie is usually spending time with family.


NextChapter is grateful to have such dedicated paralegals on our Paralegals as a Service team!