Spring Checklist for Lawyers


When the weather’s getting nicer and the trees are budding, it’s always the perfect time to get organized. And spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your closets. Use this time of rejuvenation to improve your daily routines and practices to keep making your law firm more efficient.


Here is NextChapter’s spring checklist for lawyers.



Organize digital files

Today’s law firms depend on accessible digital files and cloud storage solutions, especially when everyone has been working remotely. Make sure that you don’t have a cluttered desktop and that you’re making the most of your shared storage accounts. Delete any duplicate or outdated files, and organize documents so you know where to find them.



De-clutter your desk

Whether you are still working at home or have gone back to the office, clean up your desk and give yourself some space. You’ll be able to focus on work with a clear mind when you can de-clutter and organize your physical spaces.



Scrub your lead & referrals list

When was the last time you scrubbed your database of leads and contacts? Now’s the perfect time to go through this data and keep only the most relevant, updated contact information. Otherwise, you could be wasting energy in your outreach or networking efforts.



Start a new marketing campaign

A successful practice requires some creativity with marketing. You should always be thinking about new ways to connect with your potential clients and community. Try out a new marketing campaign on social media, for example, and track engagement numbers to see how you did. If you have a special offer or exciting firm update, create a marketing plan to highlight what’s going on so your audience knows about it.


(If you need assistance, check out the legal marketing firm Postali.)



Adopt new technology tools

Finally, make sure you’re using the latest technologies to run the best practice possible. Automation tools will help you speed up your workflows in no time, which will set you up for a year of success and productivity.


For example, NextChapter offers many tech tools that help you streamline. Our Client Portal makes the client intake process a breeze with the questionnaire that you can import directly into the NextChapter case. We also hook you up with Client Texting from NextChapter, which helps you communicate with your clients in a modern format that they’re comfortable using.



Learn more about how NextChapter can help you revamp your practice this spring by signing up for a free trial.