Meet the Team Monthly: Sophia Lendon
Sophia Lendon is a Marketing Specialist on the NextChapter team. find out more about her here.
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Published on Jun 02, 2021


We’re excited to introduce you to NextChapter team member Sophia Lendon! Sophia lives in Columbus, Ohio, and is our Marketing Specialist. She’s usually writing content, managing social media, publishing blog posts, and helping out with other marketing campaigns and tasks as needed.


Sophia always has different projects to work on each day, which she loves. She says “you never know what new innovation someone will think of, and how my role will play into that.”


Legal tech has always been such a welcoming community for Sophia. It’s very inclusive and fun to be part of. Sophia loves that it always feels like she’s helping make people’s daily life so much more efficient with the right legal tech tools.


Within the NextChapter platform, she loves the bankruptcy Client Portal, where clients can submit info and upload additional documents with ease. It’s always a useful way for attorneys to conduct client intake, and everyone can access documents in one place.


One productivity hack that Sophia relies on is getting up and moving around every couple of hours. She needs to give her brain a break by doing some yoga or taking a walk. Then, when she comes back to work, she can focus better on what needs to be done.


When Sophia isn’t working as our excellent Marketing Specialist, she loves hiking, exploring new places, gardening, and hanging out with friends. She also enjoys baking bread in her free time.


NextChapter is so lucky to have fabulous team members like Sophia behind our tools and services!