Meet the Paralegals: Shakeerah McPherson


Shakeerah McPherson is an awesome bankruptcy paralegal working out of Nashville, Tennessee. She has a decade under her belt and helps attorneys with their cases across the nation.


Shakeerah first became interested in bankruptcy because she loves helping clients improve their financial situation. She loves teaching people the right tactics to avoid lots of future debt and helping them preserve their most valuable possessions.


Working with attorneys and helping them get cases resolved is another perk to the job. Helping both clients and attorneys win is a big plus of being a paralegal, and Shakeerah finds it to be very rewarding work.


Working as a virtual paralegal with NextChapter has especially been rewarding. Shakeerah can work with clients in many different states, and there’s always something new to learn, whether a new law or procedure in the bankruptcy process.


Technology is a big part of Shakeerah’s day. Google Calendar is the app she depends on most to keep up with dates and deadlines, and she uses Asana as a project management tool. Slack is her go-to for instant communication, and she integrates Adobe tools when necessary.


Her one productivity hack: planning head. She writes down her top five priorities each night for the next day and makes sure those are done before taking on other tasks. This helps her stay on task, which is especially challenging when working remotely since there are lots of other distractions. She recommends taking regular breaks to stretch or eat and making sure that there’s always sunshine coming into the room.


Shakeerah says, “I love the flexibility of working virtually, but it’s all about finding joy throughout your day no matter what happens.”


She loves working with the NextChapter software, which is user-friendly. Because each day on the job can be different, NextChapter helps her handle cases with flexibility and helpful tools, like the credit report integration. It makes it much easier and faster to add credit information to client schedules, avoiding extra manual data entry. Her other favorite NextChapter feature is the completion flag integration under each form for bankruptcy cases.


When Shakeerah isn’t at work, she loves traveling, though it’s been harder with COVID-19.


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