The Remote Client Journey
With more people seeking remote services, you may not know what a typical remote case looks like or how to best help your clients. Read this post to find out about the typical remote client journey, and get tips and tricks to help you best serve your
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Published on Sep 15, 2020


Your law firm may now be operating completely remotely. This transition not only makes it more challenging to manage your team but also to maintain client relationships. With the right technologies and tools, however, you can keep conducting business as normal and provide even more support for your clients.



Using the Modern Attorney directory

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to have a strong online presence. By joining Modern Attorney, you can create a complete attorney profile with your personal details, qualifications, educational background, and fee structure.


Joining a directory makes it easier for clients to find you, helping you get more leads, help more clients in need, and grow your practice.


Managing leads with NextChapter

Every time you get a new client, immediately create a new case in NextChapter with all of their information and documentation. NextChapter acts like a CRM for better client information management. The software then allows you to manage the case until you’re ready to submit to the court.


Scheduling with Calendly

Scheduling is a major part of managing your practice. When business is being conducted remotely, it’s more important to use a tool that streamlines the process so you can schedule client meetings seamlessly. Calendly allows you to send your calendar to clients so they can choose the time that’s most convenient for them for a phone call or video conference.


Client texting with NextMessage

Modern clients want modern communication strategies. NextMessage from NextChapter helps you keep in touch with clients via client texting, and you can send automated reminders via texts about deadlines and meetings.


Video conferencing with Zoom

Zoom is an effective tool to use for your virtual client meetings. You can still talk to clients face-to-face and record the meeting if you need to reference something later. You can save the recording in NextChapter via client document storage.


MyChapter client portal

Client intake can be time-consuming or confusing for clients when you’re working remotely. The client portal in NextChapter, MyChapter, is a simple way to get new clients to complete questionnaires and upload applicable documents. Everything in MyChapter can then be imported to the case in NextChapter.


Paralegal as a Service

When you need an extra hand with paperwork or case management, hire a virtual paralegal through Paralegal as a Service. The experienced team of paralegals is ready to assist you with work during your busiest seasons. Paralegals are available for all areas of law in every state or jurisdiction!


Getting signatures with HelloSign

HelloSign is an effective way to get client signatures on important documents. E-signing is a must in today’s climate, when more people are working remotely and work needs to get done to maintain productivity.


Filing cases with NextChapter

Electronic filing is the way to go in a remote legal environment. NextChapter helps you prepare, manage, and file your cases with the court. You and your clients will stay on the same page and everything can be completed faster using the application.


Using the Notices and Hearing Scheduler

After you file the case with the court through NextChapter, the software also helps you manage the post-filing process. The Notices and Hearing Scheduler feature helps you organize and manage incoming court notices automatically. The date and time of hearings will be automatically added to your calendar, so you never have to worry about forgetting to input an important date.



These tools and applications will empower your practice to stay productive and continue to manage successful client relationships. From case management to contract signatures to video conferencing, make sure you have the technologies you need to stay connected.