Pro-Bono Cases


The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone, from small businesses to individuals to organizations of all sizes. As more bankruptcy filings are likely on the horizon, more clients will be in need of legal services. And these clients may be in so much financial distress that they’re unable to afford an attorney.


To help more people in need during these uncertain economic times, consider taking on more pro bono cases. Here are a few considerations about going this route.



Why provide pro bono services?

Pro bono services mean you’re offering legal help to clients free of charge. Many people in the United States who need legal assistance simply can’t afford the fees. Offering pro bono legal help means you can support your community, giving more clients the opportunity to have a fair process and adequate protection of their rights.


According to the American Bar Association “all lawyers should aspire to render some legal services without fee or expectation of fee for the good of the public.” Many attorneys see it as their responsibility to offer at least some pro bono services to promote justice and equality for all people.



Providing pro bono services in uncertain times

We’ve already seen some effects of the pandemic, which has forced millions of Americans to file for unemployment and over 100,000 small businesses to close for good. This means that more bankruptcy filings are coming, and in fact, they’ve already increased. Around 3,600 companies filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the first half of 2020, more filings than any year since 2012.


Surges in both business and individual bankruptcies are likely still coming. As more people are in need of financial relief, more clients will be struggling to pay for attorney fees as they’re starting the bankruptcy filing process. This gives you and your practice the unique opportunity to contribute to this growing community in need and provide pro bono services for these clients.



Pro bono cases with NextChapter

Using NextChapter's pro bono bankruptcy software helps you support your pro bono clients through the filing process from start to finish. And, we’ll waive our fees for attorneys who are filing pro bono cases.


In addition to free legal services, provide your clients with a simple solution for client intake, document uploads, credit counseling management, and communication. Manage your cases more efficiently with NextChapter, and take advantage of features like automatic scheduling and client texting.



Sign up for NextChapter and improve the way you offer pro bono services.