Working with Bankruptcy Paralegals
When your bankruptcy law firm needs an extra hand, consider hiring a virtual paralegal to help you tackle time-consuming tasks on each of your cases.
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Published on Feb 12, 2021


Running a successful bankruptcy practice requires a delicate balance of delegating tasks and managing your budget. You may be realizing just how much of your time each day is spent on tedious tasks like data entry or research. Hiring a paralegal, especially one who works remotely, can be a cost-efficient way to get the extra help you need on your bankruptcy cases.


Here is your guide on how to hire a bankruptcy paralegal and where to find a paralegal.



What does a bankruptcy paralegal do?

Bankruptcy cases require a lot of paperwork, data entry, client communication, and deadline management. Paralegals, who are trained or educated in legal work, can help you with all of these tasks and more. They take on responsibilities like client intake, information accuracy checks, research, due diligence searches, case filing, petition preparation, and others.


Delegate these tasks to paralegals so you can free up your time to focus on growing your practice and supporting your clients. Paralegals are legal experts so you can rest assured that they will handle your cases properly, and you can review everything before they submit documents to the court.



How to hire a paralegal

First, decide what kind of work arrangement would work best for your law firm. Do you need part-time or full-time help? Do you only need help at certain periods throughout the year when your practice is busiest? Consider hiring paralegals who can work with you on a case-by-case basis if you don’t need consistent help.


If you do decide to hire paralegals as regular employees, work with national or local paralegal associations to post your jobs or browse candidate resumes. For example, the American Alliance of Paralegals or the Paralegal Association has resources for attorneys. You can also post listings on popular job sites like Indeed or on LinkedIn to reach more people.


Another option that is especially helpful in today’s work environment is hiring a virtual paralegal to help with your bankruptcy cases, discussed more below.



Working with a virtual paralegal

Virtual paralegals can work from anywhere in the U.S. and handle case management and document preparation tasks on each of your bankruptcy cases. The team at Paralegal as a Service is comprised of experience, friendly paralegals who are ready to take on your cases and can be hired on a case-by-case basis.


The key benefits of working with a virtual paralegal for bankruptcy include:

  • Save time that you would usually spend on data entry or research.
  • Get flexible paralegal help so your workflows aren’t disrupted.
  • Save money on hiring an in-house paralegal.
  • Never worry about Paralegal as a Service outsourcing your work – you only work with your designated legal professional.


The other great thing about this bankruptcy preparation service is that you can connect it with your NextChapter account for more efficient case management.


Sign up for NextChapter or learn more about Paralegal as a Service to start getting the extra help you need on your bankruptcy cases.