Summer '21 Recap
NextChapter has made a few updates over the last few months that improve our software even more!
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Published on Sep 15, 2021



Before we officially enter the Fall season and the last quarter of 2021, we want to take a second to update you on some new enhancements and customizations that are now live now in NextChapter! Our team has spent much of the Summer focusing on future release features, however, we made some app updates, added additional forms, and much more. Read on below to find out about these and more!



New Customizations and Updates


Client Portal Email Signature

The NextChapter Client Portal lets clients easily upload and enter their information, and reduces manual data entry for attorneys by allowing them to import this info directly into the proper case in NextChapter. Lawyers have many options to customize the portal to fit their firm's needs, including uploading their own logo, creating a custom welcome message, and more. This new update gives attorneys an additional customization option: personalizing their email sign-off.



NextChapter Docs Text Merge Updates

This document automation tool lets lawyers upload or create templates, drag and drop tags that will autofill with specific case info, and duplicate documents with ease. This saves time and energy by eliminating the hassle of manually creating and recreating law firm documents. Our latest updates have improved the way text merges in the editor so that everything is in perfect alignment with the surrounding text.


NextChapter Payments

NextChapter Payments has revolutionized how law firms collect legal fees, allowing you to create invoices, send them to clients for review, and get paid using ACH or debit card in our Client Portal! We've updated this tool so that if a payment is declined or returned for any reason, a new column in the Payments table will show the error message with specific details about why it failed.



Change Role Types in Settings

NextChapter admin users can now change role types within their firm settings. This is especially helpful with our case wall-off feature, which lets admin users assign attorneys and paralegals to specific cases within NextChapter, allowing them to only work on cases to which they are assigned.


Hearings Automatically Saved

It’s easier than ever to manage hearings with our automated tools. If you use NextChapter Notices, we will now automatically save Confirmation hearings and rescheduled Confirmation hearing dates from the PACER notices.


Asset Update

We’ve also improved our asset update section. Now, users have the ability to delineate specific assets on their Amended Schedule A/B and Schedule C.


Duplicate Case Tool

NextChapter helps you organize case documents more efficiently. One of our new updates is the removal of PACER notices when a case is duplicated for re-filing, eliminating redundancy. The DebtorCC invite will also now be reset when a case is duplicated for re-filing.



New Forms and Plans

Over the last few months, we’ve also added lots of new forms in NextChapter to expand our offerings. We have several revised plans for Chapter 13 filings, and other forms and plans to check out, listed below. As always, you can see a full list of local forms here.


Local Forms:

  • WAEB LF1007-1: Declaration Regarding Payments
  • Revised TNEB DeBN
  • VAEB Attorney Fee Disclosure
  • NYEB LBR-2017: Statement Pursuant to Local Rule 2017


Chapter 13:

  • Revised Plan for FLSB
  • Revised Plan for PAEB
  • New Plan for WIWB
  • Revised Plan for DCB
  • Revised Plan or MIWB


Dynamic Forms:

  • Statement of Intention - Form 108



  • Post Petition Filings: Nevada Post-Petition Filings
  • Coming Soon: Florida Southern and Delaware Post-Petition Filings


Stay Tuned

We hope that you will love all of these new customizations and forms. Stay tuned for our upcoming Fall '21 Release for even more features and updates that are sure to make running your practice easier than ever before!