MyChapter for Business Cases


Collecting information and documents from your bankruptcy clients is one of the most important parts of the filing process, but it can be challenging without the right tools. An online portal is especially useful for bankruptcy attorneys and their clients since it streamlines the intake process.


Say goodbye to conducting intake in person with long complex packets or by fax and email. With MyChapter Client Portal, attorneys send their bankruptcy clients a secure login link, where they will follow prompts to input information and upload documents. This online portal provides everything you need to collect the data necessary for preparing the bankruptcy petition efficiently.


First available for personal filings, MyChapter can now be used for business bankruptcy cases. The process works exactly the same, saving your firm and clients time and energy.



What Is MyChapter Client Portal?

MyChapter is a comprehensive online bankruptcy client portal where you can invite clients to submit documents, track client progress, and review their submissions with intuitive editing tools.


Once reviewed, you can easily import your client's entry into NextChapter's bankruptcy software. We'll automatically input the data in the schedules, taking some work off of your plate.


How MyChapter Works for Business Cases:

MyChapter is now available for your clients filing for any business case, including Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcies. Just like the tool worked for personal filings, all you have to do to start the client intake process is send your client an invitation with a unique link. MyChapter is easy to navigate so that clients won’t have any issues entering in their relevant data, including business information and details about their debt.


One of the biggest benefits is customization. You can create unique questionnaires in MyChapter for each business client, so they’re never seeing fields that don’t apply to their situation. Add personalized instructions to provide even more support as they make their way through the portal. After they're done completing the questionnaire, you can instantly review and alter their entry with easy editing tools before importing into NextChapter.


MyChapter is always accessible. It is completely web-based so you and your clients can get started from anywhere with an internet connection. Because of its accessibility and personalization options, this client intake solution helps you streamline the entire filing process so you can focus more on growing your practice.


Now that MyChapter is available for business bankruptcy cases, it’s easier than ever to help clients in need and get their petitions filed.



Learn more about these new offerings and how other features within NextChapter can help you streamline and modernize your law firm. Attend our webinar on June 25 to get an overview of all of our new features we’re releasing this summer.