Meet the Team Monthly: Spencer
This month's Meet the Team features Spencer, an important part of our Customer Success Team! Read to find out more about him.
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Published on Jul 17, 2020



Meet Spencer George Thomakos, a customer success specialist at NextChapter. He received his bachelor’s degree from Ohio University and now resides in Columbus, Ohio.


As a customer success specialist, Spencer provides excellent support over the phone, email, and chat. He makes sure that NextChapter users fully understand the platform by assisting them with their accounts and writing articles for the online Help Center.


Spencer loves being part of a startup. It’s exciting to be able to develop operations from the ground up, providing unique opportunities for growth and creativity. He excels at organization, and his pro tip is creating multiple folders within his email account to avoid clutter and stay focused on the tasks at hand.


A former legal assistant, he loves that NextChapter takes away a lot of the time-consuming paperwork he had to deal with – forms were his least favorite part of his previous position. He thinks it’s pretty great that NextChapter is helping law firms improve their workflows.


Spencer especially loves the Paralegal as a Service offering from NextChapter, which helps firms get the casework help they need when they need it. The chat tool is another favorite feature within NextChapter, which helps clients find a quick answer to whatever issue they’re experiencing.


In his free time, you can find Spencer playing rugby or other outdoor sports like volleyball and soccer. He also loves to read and watch movies.



NextChapter is lucky to have such a dedicated and eager member on our customer success team!