Legal Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2020


One of the most effective ways to stay on top of the legal tech game and trends in the industry is through social media. Twitter is one of the most popular platforms out there, where leaders and experts in the legal world share their thoughts and give advice. You can also engage in conversations with other attorneys about what’s trending, so Twitter can be the perfect resource for lawyers looking to stay tech-savvy and relevant. Here’s a mix of thought leaders and legal blogs we think you need to know about in 2020.


Ed Walters


Ed Walters is the CEO of Fastcase, a leading legal research company. Walters is also an author and teaches law classes at Georgetown and Cornell.


Erin Levine


Erin Levine is the CEO of Hello Divorce, which is a California-based company that helps clients navigate the complicated legal divorce process, and she also owns Levine Family Law.


Bob Ambrogi


Bob Ambrogi is a media and tech lawyer, legal tech writer, and consultant, and he writes blogs at and He also is the publisher and editor-in-chief at


Artificial Lawyer


The Artificial Lawyer is “changing the business of law” by introducing new technologies and improving processes with the latest innovations.


Colin S. Levy


Colin S. Levy is a blogger who posts on Twitter about legal innovation and practicing law, in addition to lots of information about the latest legal tech.


Gyi Tsakalakis


Gyi Tsakalakis is an attorney, entrepreneur, and expert in legal tech. He’s the president of EPL Digital and AttorneySync.


Patrick Palace


Patrick Palace owns the firm Palace Law LLP, which focuses on workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. He was also the president of the Washington State Bar Association.


Jordan Couch


Jordan Couch is also an attorney with Palace Law LLP, and he teaches advocacy to students at the University of Washington School of Law and the Seattle University School of Law.


Kristen Sonday


Kristen Sonday is the co-founder and COO of Paladin, which is an online infrastructure for pro bono lawyers.


Above the Law


Above the Law is an online blog that provides news and insights about attorneys, institutions, legal trends, and relevant commentary.


Jules Miller


Jules Miller is a partner at IBM Blockchain Ventures and is the co-founder and partner at Prose Ventures, which invests in legal and compliance technologies.


ABA Journal


The ABA Journal’s Twitter account provides continuous news updates about legal affairs and the legal industry in the U.S.


Jack Newton


Jack Newton founded Clio, which provides legal software for attorneys and law firms. He’s also a writer, speaker, and educator on the topic of cloud computing in the legal community.


Carolyn Elefant


Carolyn Elefant is the founder and owner of the Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant PLLC, and is the owner of PowerUp Legal, an online marketplace that provides on-demand energy counsel to law firms. She’s also a legal blogger and is an advisor to legal tech companies.


Ivy B. Grey


Ivy B. Grey is the VP of strategy at WordRake, an automated in-line editing software for professionals. She’s also a legal tech writer and creator of the American Legal Style for PerfectIt.


Nick Rishwain


Nick Rishwain is a legal tech advocate and co-created LegalTechLIVE, a live video show that showcases advancements and innovators in law and technology. He’s also the CMO of Text a Lawyer.


Nicole Bradick


Nicole Bradick is the CEO of Theory and Principle, a legal tech product design and development firm.


Mike Whelan


Mike Whelan Jr is a lawyer, podcaster and author of Lawyer Forward. Also a fan of dad-jokes.


Nicole Black 


Legal technology evangelist and lawyer Nicole Black is a must-follow in the legal space. She is an author and journalist who shares valuable insights on the practice of law, technology and more.


Andrew Arruda


Andrew Arruda is Cofounder/CEO of ROSS Intelligence. He is a speaker, attorney and tweets about artificial intelligence and the role it plays with #legaltech.


Joshua Lenon 


Joshua Lenon is Clio’s Lawyer-in-Residence and Data Protection Officer. He tweets mostly about #legaltech and advocates for new technology in law firms.


Joshua Browder


Joshua Browder is the CEO at @DoNotPayLaw, the world’s first robot lawyer. Helping millions of consumers solve their problems. How can we not get behind this message?




Lawyerist is the largest community of online lawyers that provides find guides, resources and more. They share their advice and tips for lawyers and law firms on Twitter. 


Kevin O'Keefe


Kevin O’Keefe is the CEO & Founder of LexBlog, a worldwide legal blogging network. Kevin was one of the original legal bloggers and is highly active in #lawtwitter


Mark C. Palmer


Mark Palmer is the Chief of Counsel at 2Civility and promotes legal technology and the future of law. 




Postali is a marketing agency for law firms. They are website designers, SEOs, developers, content writers, strategists, techies and coffee drinkers. And some of our best friends and (disclosure: family members)!


Dan Lear 


As a legal tech thought-leader and expert, Dan Lear shares his take on the latest technology trends on Twitter and Right Brain Law. 




Clio is THE law-firm practice management solution. They are a team we have admired since day one and always throw a killer party at tech events. Their Clio Con Conference is not to be missed!


Sarah Glassmeyer


Sarah Glassmeyer is the Project Specialist Manager at the American Bar Association and acts as an advocate for legal technology. We love that she promotes women speakers at #legaltech events!


Damien Riehl


Managing Director of Fastcase Legal Research, technology enthusiast and speaker, Damien Riehl shares his thoughts on emerging legal trends and the future of law.



Bonus: NextChapter


NextChapter is a bankruptcy software that helps attorneys prepare, manage and file cases, all through a simple cloud-based platform.


Bonus: Fastcase


Fastcase is a legal research service that helps lawyers, law firms, and bar associations by providing them accessible tools for more intuitive legal research.


Bonus: DocketAlarm


Docket research, alerts and analytics for law firms of all sizes. Follow DocketAlarm for more information on how you can bring data analytics to your firm.


Bonus: Law Street Media


Legal news the way it should be (no paywalls) brought to you by Fastcase. Follow for the latest news in the legal industry.



Connecting with others in the legal tech industry on Twitter is a smart move to make sure you stay ahead of competitors. Check out these accounts you should definitely follow as 2020 heats up and brings a new set of innovations.