How to Use Document Automation at Your Law Firm
Document automation helps you create law firm templates and customized documents in moments. NextChapter Docs gives you automation tools to autofill form fields and review for accuracy.
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Published on Apr 07, 2021



Automation is the way of the future for law firms. Attorneys and legal assistants no longer have to perform manual data entry and review, which can take up lots of valuable time that could be spent growing the practice and supporting clients.


Document automation is one important way that this technology has entered the legal world. Let’s walk through what it is, why you should incorporate it, and how NextChapter Docs helps you streamline your practice.



What is document automation?

Automation incorporates machine learning technology to make processes formerly performed by humans automatic. Document automation thus makes completing and reviewing paperwork faster because fields can be imported instantly and any errors in the documents are immediately flagged by the technology. Document automation is just one way that law firms are becoming more modernized.



Benefits of document automation

Document automation not only speeds up the process of creating, completing, and reviewing documents; it also helps you ensure accuracy. When details can be automatically pulled into forms from your databases, for example, you reduce the chance for human error. Data entry is basically instant, so you don’t have to do a lot of copy and pasting.


Automation tools can help you create templates that will pull in data for each of your legal clients automatically, so you and your team don’t have to spend hours importing information and making sure it’s correct.



Why use NextChapter Docs?

NextChapter Docs is an advanced automation tool you can use for all your law firm documents. You can create brand new templates or upload your firm’s existing forms. Drag-and-drop tags and simple autofill features then allow you to pull in client information from bankruptcy cases in NextChapter. You can review everything in moments, use the simple editing tools to finalize, and you’re done!


NextChapter also provides pre-set templates to help you create standard forms, including notice of change address, notice of hearing, motion to modify Chapter 13 plan after confirmation, suggestion of bankruptcy, and many more.



NextChapter Docs is the automation tool you need to speed up workflows, support your clients, and reduce time spent on document creation and review.


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