How to Increase Client Satisfaction as a Bankruptcy Lawyer
Making sure your clients are satisfied is one of the best ways to establish long-term relationships and to keep your practice growing. Find out more here.
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Published on Aug 06, 2021


Keeping your clients feeling supported and satisfied with your services is crucial to establish long-term relationships and to keep your practice growing. Especially during and after a pandemic, additional steps must be taken to ensure that your clients feel cared for and heard. How do you do it? Let’s walk through some considerations about client satisfaction for bankruptcy lawyers.



Why is client satisfaction important?

Your law firm wouldn’t exist without your clients—the people and communities you serve. You want to deliver the best services possible, and taking into account how you are managing and satisfying clients should be a top priority. Satisfied clients are more likely to come back to you for help in the future or refer you to others in need.


Bankruptcy clients may be experiencing severe stress and emotional turmoil because of their financial situation, so it is important to walk them through everything that will happen, best practices, and the ins and outs of the law. Helping them make sense of the process will help them feel like they’re back in control.



How to increase client satisfaction


Now, let’s walk through a few effective ways to boost client satisfaction at your bankruptcy practice.


1. Offer virtual options

Whether or not it’s safe to meet in person, you should still consider offering phone and video meeting options to accommodate clients’ needs and preferences.


2. Start client texting

A great way to keep in touch and continue to be there for bankruptcy clients is by offering the option to text. They are already on their phones throughout the day, so staying in touch and answering questions over text is easy and efficient. Client Texting from NextChapter can also be used to send automated reminders for appointments and deadlines, keeping both you and your clients on track. The best part is, you'll get a dedicated local phone number so you never have to give out your personal cell phone number.


3. Have a flexible mindset

Now more than ever, attorneys need to stay flexible to take on whatever comes. Bankruptcy clients are going through a lot, so try to stay open and adaptable to their needs. Embrace innovation and legal technology, like NextChapter, that will make everyone’s lives easier.


4. Include a credit counseling integration

Clients may be overwhelmed when filing for bankruptcy, so help them through it by integrating the credit counseling process so they can complete their requirements more easily. With NextChapter, you can invite them to the credit counseling integration directly, track their progress, and import everything into the system.


5. Show you care

Finally, one of the most important ways to satisfy clients is by showing you truly care about helping them with their case and specific situation. Staying in communication, being empathetic and compassionate, using the right technology, and being transparent are all great ways to do it.


Remember that your clients may need more support right now, as the pandemic has caused many negative consequences, including financial issues that will lead to bankruptcy. When you need better solutions to be there for them, sign up for NextChapter to take advantage of the intuitive software and increase client satisfaction.