How to Communicate with BK Clients
Communicating with your bankruptcy clients is one of the most important parts of the bankruptcy process. Clients have a wide range of preferences for communicating with attorneys. Read this post to find out more about all the ways you can keep in touch with your clients.
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Published on Sep 02, 2020


To maintain client satisfaction and keep clients in the know, communication should be a top priority. Remember that bankruptcy clients may be worried about the outcome of their case or confused about the legal process. As their attorney, it’s your job to be there for them with information and updates.


Here are best practices for communicating with bankruptcy clients.



Why communication is so important

When you’re able to have better communication with your clients, there are less disruptions in your law firm office from lots of client emails or phone calls. Clients will have fewer questions, and you’ll see higher satisfaction rates. Make sure clients always know what’s going on and what to expect.


Communication can also save you lots of time. You can more easily gather client information and necessary bankruptcy documents when you better communicate the process and what you need from them.



What to communicate

So, what should you be regularly communicating with your bankruptcy clients? Make sure you always keep them updated on the status of their case. This limits their need to keep calling your office to follow up and will help them avoid high-stress levels.


They also need to have clear instructions about a) what information and documentation to upload, and b) how to retrieve their case information if they have questions. Again, this limits the number of questions you’ll get throughout the day.


Also, always make sure you’re notifying them and sending them reminders about upcoming deadlines and important case and court dates.



Ways to communicate

To improve communication with your bankruptcy clients, use NextMessage from NextChapter. Texting is the way of the future and one of the best ways to reach your clients. Most Americans now have a cell phone (96 percent), and a study from Avochato showed that 63 percent of consumers would prefer a company that offers text messaging as a communication channel.


NextMessage helps you offer this feature seamlessly by:

  • Giving you a local phone number so you don’t have to give out your personal number
  • Sending automated reminders to clients
  • Allowing all law firm staff to access and view conversation history
  • Sending out individual reminders and updates
  • Available in NextChapter's bankruptcy software, helping you keep petition preparation and communication in one place

Note: In compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, your clients will be able to opt-out of the NextMessage texting feature at any time.



Other communication methods

Of course, texting isn’t the only way you can keep in regular communication with your clients. Some may prefer speaking over the phone or emailing, as long as they don’t have to share personal information over email or fax. Ask clients upfront how they prefer to communicate, and stay adaptable and open to what they want.


Make client communication a priority. You’ll increase client satisfaction, remain on the same page about their case, and avoid confusion and time-consuming explanations.



Using NextMessage through NextChapter is a simple way to offer texting to your bankruptcy clients. Show them you’re a tech-savvy law firm and integrate the modern ways they prefer to communicate.