Lawyers: It's OK to Ask for Help
Lawyers are notoriously committed to their work, which can sometimes lead to feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. It's ok to ask for help and delegate tasks so that you can focus on growing your practice. Read this post to find out more.
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Published on Sep 30, 2020


Lawyers are notorious for working late hours and staying committed to helping their clients, even if it means overworking themselves. According to the 2019 Clio Legal Trends report, 76% of lawyers say they’re overworked, and 68% feel underappreciated.


The report also showed that 87% of lawyers want their firms to grow. But when you feel overworked and are taking on too many time-consuming tasks, it’s hard to focus on getting more clients and growing your practice.


Remember, it’s OK to get help when you’re overwhelmed. Delegating can actually improve your practice, not to mention relieve stress. Here are ways to get the assistance you need by hiring a paralegal.


How a paralegal can help


Your first step: hire a paralegal. These workers can step in and handle a lot of paperwork, communication, and other tasks so you can clear your plate a little bit. Delegate tasks to paralegals like:

  • Drafting and reviewing documents
  • Managing client communication
  • Handling scheduling and sending reminders
  • Conducting research
  • Attending meetings
  • Organizing and filing

If you’re spending a lot of time on these tasks, allow a professional to come in and help. You’ll get a lot of time back to focus on other responsibilities that come with running a practice.



Benefits of virtual paralegals

More and more attorneys are turning to remote employees to complete these tasks. A benefit of hiring a virtual paralegal is that you have a wider candidate pool, since it doesn’t matter where they live as long as they can work with your firm’s schedule.


You also don’t have to spend as much on office space with a remote team, and they’ll have more flexibility to work the way they’re most comfortable.



Paralegal as a Service

Paralegal as a Service from NextChapter takes it a step further with virtual paralegals you can hire on an on-demand basis. That means you don’t have to compensate a full-time employee to get the help you need. You can hire these legal professionals on a case-by-case basis or only get help during busy periods.


Paralegal as a Service gives you access to experienced, friendly paralegals who are ready to help you take on your cases and help you with paperwork, data entry, case management, client intake, and much more.


When you’re overwhelmed with your legal work, get the help you need using Paralegal as a Service from NextChapter.