How to Find Legal Clients During COVID-19
Finding legal clients is a top priority for most lawyers, but COVID-19 has made it harder to find clients. Read this post to find out how to connect with potential clients during COVID-19.
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Published on Nov 06, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way businesses operate. Law firms have had to make major shifts in order to continue serving clients in need. One change is how you find new clients. When your normal marketing channels and outlets aren’t available, where do you connect with people? Here are a few tips on finding clients during COVID-19.


Using social media

Have you updated your social profiles lately? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram can be the perfect outreach channels to connect with people in the moment. Take time to create thoughtful posts about your practice or share news from your connections. Posting regularly and interacting with audiences online will help you reach more people and share information about what your law firm specializes in.



Mastering new technologies

Because your practice may look a lot different these days, it’s crucial that you embrace new technologies that help you keep working. For example, video conferencing and chat tools keep you connected to clients from anywhere. Your law firm should also consider moving to a cloud-based legal platform like NextChapter so that applications, practice info, and client data can be accessed on the web from any device.


There may be a slight learning curve for some, but keeping up with technology is a must in the current climate to keep attracting new clients and growing your practice. Make sure you highlight the types of modern technology you use to better your audiences.



Using an attorney directory

Lawyer directories can be very effective in opening up your client base. This is especially true when everything has gone digital and remote. Directories allow clients to search by practice area and location, and they can view and compare all of your information in one place.


Modern Attorney, a lawyer directory from NextChapter, allows you to showcase what makes you unique and allows you to connect with potential clients. Join the Modern Attorney directory and find clients by:

  • Showcasing your educational background and qualifications
  • Highlighting your specialty areas
  • Outlining fees and payment structure
  • Communicating your workflows and technologies
  • Showing your personality and interests outside of work



Keeping client needs at the forefront

Now more than ever, your clients’ needs should be driving what you do and how you do it. Show them how much you care by staying in communication, asking them for feedback, and helping them in whatever way necessary. When you send out marketing materials, instead of trying to hard-sell your practice, focus on content that will exhibit empathy and understanding.


Offering features like client texting can help them to feel supported. Being transparent, genuine, and honest throughout the process will also help ease their mind and show them that you care. And when you can exude this attitude of compassion, more people will recognize that and want to work with you.



Legal marketing looks different in 2020, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find new clients who need your services. These are just a few ways you can find legal clients and continue to focus on what matters.


Sign up for NextChapter to get started with the web-based platform and client portal, and claim your Modern Attorney listing today to start connecting with potential clients!