Find an Attorney with the NextChapter Directory


Hiring a lawyer can seem overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Not only do you have to narrow down by practice focus, but then you’re presented with a list of names, knowing nothing about each individual person. And it’s crucial to find the right person for your specific situation and needs, as you need to work with someone you trust and can effectively communicate with. Here’s where to start.


Finding the Right Lawyer

First, you’ll need to take some time to conduct thorough research, just as you would do with any big purchase of services. One main area of your research will be to make sure that you’re searching for help within your area. Using an online lawyer directory, like the NextChapter Directory, will ensure that you’re only seeing results near you. You can also ask friends and family members for lawyer recommendations as a good first step.


It’s helpful if you can locate and read through a lot of information online about an attorney’s experience and expertise. Consider key questions for your attorney such as:

  • How long they’ve been practicing
  • If their specialty area aligns with your needs
  • Their successful track record
  • How they structure their fees
  • If they have testimonials or references
  • Their main method of communication


Once you’ve gathered this information and are confident about reaching out to an attorney, it’s then important to make sure you communicate well with each other. Remember, you’ll be spending a lot of time together, and the lawyer you hire needs to be someone you can talk to and trust with all the details of your situation. Make sure you always feel comfortable with your attorney and aren't afraid to speak up should you have concerns.


Benefits of Using the NextChapter Directory

When you’re ready to start your search, the directory tool from NextChapter is a promising place to start. Benefits of the tool include the following:


1. Modern communication and flexibility

Tech-savvy attorneys provide communication benefits, such as communicating via text message, allowing you to easily receive reminders about upcoming court dates and documents needed.

You’ll also have access to an online portal where you can upload requested documents and information, all in one place so you can avoid scanning, faxing, or emailing documents.

Meeting locations will be flexible, including offsite coffee shop meetings, for example, and phone and video meetings will also be options. This provides you a lot more flexibility, and meetings can be adapted to what makes you feel the most comfortable.


2. Finding the right attorney for you

Using the NextChapter Directory, you’ll be able to view personalized profiles so you can really get to know the attorney you’re hiring. View their credentials as well as personal fun facts to get a well-rounded picture of the person you’ll be working with.


When you need the services of an attorney, never take a chance. Use the NextChapter Directory to narrow your search and find a lawyer for you.