Fall Wellness Tips for Lawyers
Fall is the perfect time to check in with yourself. Whether you're still working at home or are going back to the office, these tips will help keep you moving forward.
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Published on Sep 27, 2021


As the pandemic continues, your work-life probably looks a bit different this fall. Maybe the kids have gone back to school so you finally have some time alone at home to work. Perhaps your law office has decided to return to in-person work, and you’re not quite ready to go back. Or, maybe you have extra time on your hands that you’ve been filling with more clients and cases.


Whatever your situation, fall is one of the best times to check in with yourself and reset. Here are some fall wellness tips for lawyers, whether you’re working from home, are back in the office, or both.



Cherish your commute

If you’re heading back to work part- or full-time, a great way to relax and get ready for the day ahead is to do something enjoyable on your commute. Listen to a podcast or your favorite album. If you take public transit, try reading an article or book. This helps you reduce your stress and you won’t dread your commute so much each day.



Take regular breaks

Working at home can be tough, and when the weather gets colder, you may not want to venture out for walks or exercise as much. Still make sure you’re taking regular breaks. Even if you don’t leave the house, do something other than stare at your computer screen a few times per day.



Establish a workout routine

It’s easy to let go a little as fall and winter come each year. But staying active will make you feel better and more energized to get your work done and serve your clients. Join a gym or start taking yoga classes. Figure out a way to get your body moving at least a few days a week to start beating those cold-weather blues before they hit.



Prioritize your mental health

Aside from doing things you enjoy and exercising, think about ways you can focus on your mental health and well-being this autumn. Maybe you’ve been putting off calling that therapist because you feel like you don’t have time. But you should always make time to prioritize yourself, and talking through issues and emotions is a great way to do it. Consider trying meditation each day to clear your head, even if it’s only a few minutes.



Use a new technology

If you feel like you’re getting bogged down with work, sometimes all you need is a new technology to help you speed up a process or improve a workflow. Try a legal software like NextChapter, which helps you prioritize client communication, keep data accurate and updated, and allows you to access case information from anywhere and any device. Technology and automation really do make your life easier.



The fall is now upon us, so in between spending time with friends and family and working on your cases, make sure you carve out time for yourself to stay healthy and focused.