Custom Doc Creator


NextChapter is excited to release our Custom Document Creator, an automation tool within our online application. This feature makes it easier for attorneys to manage document creation via automation so that a lot of the manual work is avoided, and precious time is saved so you can focus on helping your clients and growing your firm.


Here’s how the new tool works and its key benefits.


How does the Custom Doc Creator Work?

Creating law firm documents is made simple with the Custom Document Creator. In just a few steps, you can assemble any form, like a client birthday letter or a motion.


Customizing the template

  1. Upload your document within Account Settings in NextChapter.
  2. Use the customization tools for the standard template:
  • Add text with text boxes.
  • Use drag-and-drop tags to import case data into the document (they will autofill as you create documents for a case).
  • Add a signature, header, or footer.


Using the template for cases in NextChapter

  1. Go to Additional Documents > Custom Documents.
  2. The file is generated with the case information.
  3. Continue to customize the template for the specific case if you want.
  4. Save to Client Document Storage and/or download.


The Custom Document Creator is a document automation solution that your law practice can use to generate documents instantly with information for each specific case, and streamline the template creation process. The tools allows you to file these documents with the case or export it from NextChapter.


Benefits of the Custom Doc Creator

You’ll probably be somewhat familiar with the Custom Doc Creator, since its functionality is similar to common word processors like Microsoft Word.


This new solution will save your law firm lots of time—you can keep templates in one place, and NextChapter can act as a database. You can instantly use these templates to create documents as you’re working on each case. You’ll never again have to try to search for previous motions or case files, duplicate them, and enter in the new information for each case—that work is done for you with the Custom Doc Creator.


Use the document creator for motions, your firm’s letterhead, client letters, or any other document relevant to your cases.



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