Cloud-Based Software for Estate Planning


As an estate planning attorney, you need the latest tools and technologies to help you serve your clients most efficiently. Your data entry, document upload, review and editing, and organization processes can be improved almost instantly when you incorporate the right software for estate planning.


Let’s walk through some of the most important tools for your estate planning software and how each feature benefits attorneys.



Software for estate planning attorneys

Estate case management can become tedious when you don’t have the right tools at your fingertips. Whether you’re helping a client create a will or trust, or are helping clients create a detailed estate plan, software like NextChapter helps you master each step.


Using a software helps you stay organized by giving you access to document storage solutions and helping you track progress with task and document checklists. Client texting solutions and cloud-based storage help you and your clients communicate better and stay on the same page about what is coming next.



Top tools for estate planning attorney software

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into each of the features NextChapter provides for estate planning attorneys and how they help your practice.


Client texting

Modern clients love communicating in a format they use regularly, like texting. Client Texting from NextChapter allows you to stay in touch and send reminders for upcoming deadlines or dates. You’ll never have to give out your personal number and will be assigned a local number for your law firm.


Cloud-based access

Documents and information can be accessed from anywhere and stored securely on the cloud through NextChapter. Use any device or browser you’re comfortable with, and rest assured that sensitive information is safe and secure. NextChapter features like tags for organization make document management a breeze.


Event management

Scheduling and reminders are made simple with software like NextChapter. Manage court hearings, meetings, and important case deadlines in one place, using the estate law firm calendar. Integrate with your existing calendar on iCal, Google, or Outlook.


Time management

Stay on top of how much time you’re spending on each case with the time tracker, which records billable hours. You can even sort the amount of time spent on a case by each person, and download a copy of our time tracker for billing or your own records.


Task management

Manage all of your clients’ tasks and requirements with NextChapter’s simple task and document checklists. These are customizable and help you stay on track to complete cases faster and more efficiently.


CRM database

NextChapter also acts as a CRM database where you can track all client info in one place. This is a crucial part of estate management so that you can accurately complete documents with the latest information.


NextChapter is the estate planning software your practice needs to improve workflows. Take advantage of all these tools that help you save time on tedious casework, helping you focus more on communicating with and supporting your estate planning clients.