Meet the Paralegals: Christina Eadie


Our virtual paralegals offer expert legal services from all across the country. We’re excited to tell you about Christina Eadie, a contracts and federal litigation paralegal working out of New York!


Christina has been a paralegal for 10 years now, after first becoming inspired by her mom’s friend, Sandy, who worked as a paralegal when Christina was young. She was impressed by how professional Sandy was, always well dressed and kind. Christina could tell Sandy was well respected, and people depended on her help with their legal issues. Another thing that inspired Christina to get into law work early on was watching investigation shows. “A combination of both experiences led me to want to be a paralegal.”


Now actually working in the field as a virtual paralegal, Christina most loves the flexibility. She’s gained so much time from avoiding a commute, and she can take her time in the mornings and cook dinner a little earlier each evening.


She always stays up to date on what’s happening in the legal world, since she sees so many types of cases. She’s always seeking out new ways she can grow and learn from others through collaboration. She feels that there will always be diversity in this chosen career path!


One way she collaborates is with Microsoft Teams, a tool she uses daily that makes it easier to talk to others in a chat format that feels somewhere between an email and a text. Instant chat is the perfect way to get quick questions answered so she can get back to work.


In working with NextChapter, Christina loves the ability to collaborate and network with other virtual paralegals. NextChapter also encourages collaboration with the completely cloud-based legal software where paralegals and attorneys can work together on the same documents and review changes before finalizing.


One productivity hack she has is making a to-do list for tomorrow at the end of the day. Doing so helps her set boundaries, prioritize her tasks, and have a clear plan in place when she starts work each morning. Christina also advises taking a lunch break every single day. She says she schedules Zoom lunch dates with her friends on Thursdays to stay social and get a much-needed break.


When Christina isn’t working on cases as a virtual paralegal, she loves watching classic movies, going bargain shopping, and trying out new recipes.


NextChapter is fortunate to have such fun and experienced virtual paralegals like Christina on our team!