Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Software for Lawyers
Update and streamline your practice with Chapter 7 bankruptcy software from NextChapter. Use automation tools, storage solutions, and integrations that make filing a breeze.
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Published on Feb 18, 2021



As a bankruptcy attorney working in today’s work climate, you need a cloud-based software where you can take care of everything in one place. NextChapter helps attorneys free up time and energy when working on Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases with automation features, checklists, reminders, document review tools, and much more.


Let’s walk through features you need to have in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing software.



How to use NextChapter for Chapter 7 bankruptcies

NextChapter is a comprehensive bankruptcy software where you can file Chapter 7, 11, and 13 cases. Everything lives on the web so you can access information about clients or cases from any device that has an internet connection. Customize the application for your law firm’s needs and experience better collaboration and real-time updates.


Speed up your Chapter 7 bankruptcy workflows with intuitive and efficient features, and get time back that is usually spent on tedious tasks like data entry and paperwork completion.



Features to make the process easier

Let’s dive into the key features that you need to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.


ECF integration

Automated processes help you ensure accuracy when reviewing and filing your cases. The ECF integration from NextChapter helps you make sure petitions are complete, allows you to file the right forms in any district, and speeds up the electronic filing process.



Credit report integration

The credit report process can take a while when working with Chapter 7 bankruptcy clients. But with the integration NextChapter provides, you can import the reports directly into the case. NextChapter partners with Universal Credit Services (UCS) to pull the reports from the three credit bureaus, so you always know they are reliable.



Client document storage

More and more law firms are making the transition to the cloud. Why? Because you need to access your Chapter 7 bankruptcy documents from any device and any location. Storing your client documents in web-based software allows you to have more flexibility when reviewing documents, and the uploading process is easier for clients, too. Update documents in real-time and have peace of mind that they are being stored securely.



Court notice management

Another crucial component of bankruptcy cases is storing and organizing court notices. Using NextChapter Notices, you can instantly receive court documents in your Notices Inbox, and automation tools will assign the notice to the right case and schedule hearings for you on your firm calendar.



Payments integration

You also need software that will help you manage and organize legal payments. NextChapter Payments does just that. Generate invoices directly in a case, create a payment plan if desired, invite your client to view and pay the fees directly in our Client Portal, and receive notification of receipt of payment via email. The tool also gives your bankruptcy clients a more convenient option for making payments, since they can pay you online using a Credit Card or ACH (more payment options coming soon)!



All of these tools in NextChapter help you manage your Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases more effectively from beginning to end. Sign up for NextChapter to learn more ways the software will improve your bankruptcy practice.