Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Software
The Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing software from NextChapter provides all the tools you need to streamline case filings, including a plan calculator, editor, time tracker, and receipt printouts.
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Published on Feb 24, 2021


Working on Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases is simpler with NextChapter. The Chapter 13 Package Plugin is an affordable add-on that gives attorneys access to many useful tools specific to these cases, including a plan calculator, editor, time tracker, and receipt printout feature. Simply purchase a plan for your district and all district-specific requirements will be accounted for!


These tools help you ensure accuracy for Chapter 13 cases and get through the process seamlessly. Here are the basics about each component included in the Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing software.



Chapter 13 Plan Calculator

Gone are the days of using a clunky software calculator feature. The Chapter 13 Plan calculator in the Chapter 13 Package makes it easy to do the numbers. View all terms of the plan in a straightforward format, and make any updates as needed. For example, you can add a plan treatment or alter the plan length in the same place. The calculator has an efficient design so everything is as clear and easy as possible.



Chapter 13 Editor

The Chapter 13 Plan Editor allows you to automatically import data from NextChapter to reduce the time you spend on data entry. Save your progress as you go, and create as many versions as needed for case updates and plan amendments.



Time Tracker

To make your day-to-day easier, you can track your billable hours using the Chapter 13 Time Tracker. Hours are tracked for you and you can then see the time you spent on a case in your dashboard.



Receipt Printouts

This package also allows you to print out receipts after Chapter 13 clients make payments. Everyone can then stay on top of payment status, and the receipts provide more detailed information to improve transparency.



Benefits of using the package to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases

Here are the top benefits of the Chapter 13 Package:

  • All the tools you need are in one place
  • Ensure accuracy and efficiency with the intuitive tools
  • Stop using time-consuming, messy spreadsheets
  • View real-time information about court figures
  • Calculations are updated automatically when a change is made
  • Increase your transparency with receipts to build client trust


Interested in learning more about the Chapter 13 Package from NextChapter? Find out more about this add-on, including pricing and how to get started today, now.