Blogs Every Attorney Should Read


Staying up-to-date on what’s going on in the legal industry is a must for attorneys and law firm staff. Reading blogs from legal websites is a great place to start. NextChapter has compiled some of the best blogs for attorneys that you should check out now! Consider it your legal reading list for 2021.




Postali is a legal marketing firm that offers streamlined campaigns for law firms and they help with everything from website development to SEO to content writing. Postali’s blog gives attorneys and law firms lots of helpful marketing tips and tricks and is one of our must-read legal blogs.




Lawyerist is a comprehensive resource for smaller law firms, giving attorneys access to information about marketing, technology, finance, hiring, and much more. The Lawyerist Blog is a great place to find out about the latest in the industry, new research, and upcoming events.



Law Sites

Law Sites was created and is run by attorney Robert Ambrogi who delivers legal insights and industry updates on his Law Sites blog. He covers news that’s most relevant to attorneys and how legal technology can improve their practices.



Legal Tech News is an online resource for attorneys that covers news across practice areas. One part of the site is Legal Tech News, which delivers articles related specifically to the legal tech world. Experts discuss what’s happening in the news as well as how attorneys can keep improving.



Bankruptcy Mastery

If you’re a bankruptcy attorney, check out Bankruptcy Mastery, a blog created by an attorney in California named Cathy Moran. The blog offers in-depth articles about what’s trending in the bankruptcy industry and is a great resource for legal professionals just starting out.




Clio is a legal practice management software that helps law firms improve workflows using the right technology. We recommend reading Clio’s blog, which gives you information about everything from client texting to finance tips to hiring extra help.



Law Technology Today

As you can probably guess, Law Technology Today is a leader in online legal tech articles. The blog is a source for video and blog posts that highlight the latest technologies to integrate into your firm, what’s going on in the industry, and common issues attorneys face.



ABA Journal

The American Bar Association (ABA) publishes a news section that you should consider reading regularly for helpful legal information. The writers discuss the biggest headlines in the legal world and provide commentary on the latest research.



Reading these lawyer blogs regularly will help you and your law firm stay current and aware of the latest technologies and stories. NextChapter is glad to support these outlets so that more attorneys stay educated on legal tech.