Meet the Paralegals: Becky Miller


Becky Miller is one of NextChapter’s amazing virtual paralegals! Becky works out of Oklahoma and has been a paralegal for 32 years. She primarily works in the areas of family law, probate, adoption, guardianship, and criminal law.


A passion for the law and a love of court procedures drove Becky to become a paralegal. She recognizes that dealing with legal challenges can be the most difficult time of a person’s life. Working in family law and other areas allows her to lead clients through the storm, helping them come out better on the other side. She finds this process extremely rewarding.


The more recent virtual opportunity allows Becky to work from home, which she says was part of the pull of working with NextChapter. She loves the quiet of remote work as opposed to ringing phones and interruptions that she experienced working in a law office. The quiet helps her stay focused on her projects, and she loves being able to work from wherever she happens to be in the world.


She says she’s had a wonderful experience with NextChapter, a group that is “dedicated to its clients as well as its virtual paralegals.” She loves being part of a team that is so easy to communicate with and always helpful.


One technology Becky couldn’t live without is her extra monitor paired with her laptop. She also depends on e-filing legal documents, making sure the court filing process is efficient and cost-effective for the clients she works with. She also uses Zoom every day to talk to clients and attorneys face-to-face.


Becky’s productivity hack is staying organized, which helps her think ahead of how the task she’s working on, like document preparation, will actually be used by the attorney. She also suggests making sure that your workspace is as comfortable as possible so that you can actually enjoy working there.


When Becky isn’t helping legal clients, she loves going to museums and art shows, spending time with family, and gardening, which she says is her therapy.


NextChapter loves having such dedicated, experienced virtual paralegals on our Paralegal as a Service team!