Renew Before the New Year
Make sure you are ready for the new year with tips and tricks from NextChapter. Read more here.
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Published on Dec 18, 2020



Are you ready for 2021? Starting a new year has always been the time to make new commitments, change old habits, and keep going on your path to growth. As we end 2020, start creating lists and goals so you can align your law firm’s processes and actions with desired outcomes. Take a look at these tips for preparing for the new year.


1. Archive your old files

Hanging on to lots of files you never use can slow down your devices and take up much-needed storage space. Create a new system for archiving your old files, like using cloud-based storage solutions. You can set up automation so that when files reach a certain date, they’re automatically transferred to the archive.


The same should be true for your physical files if you still have a lot of them. Start archiving now to free up space in your home office or law firm to avoid a cluttered, overwhelming working space.



2. Review your firm’s performance

The end of the year is a great time to review your performance for the year and gear up for what’s next. Analyze your data, including client numbers, employee performance, revenue growth, cases completed per lawyer, and others.


Create a new plan for gathering feedback from your team and your clients. Send out a survey or ask for reviews or testimonials. Feedback helps you understand what you did well this year and what still needs work.


3. Set 2021 goals

Evaluating law firm data and performance numbers will lead to your goal-creation process for 2021. If you’re seeing dips in revenue or issues with lead generation, for example, you can create goals that will address these problems. Perhaps you’re going to increase spending on marketing or commit to attracting a certain number of new clients in the new year.


It’s important to be clear and direct with your goals. Make sure they’re SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Plan in advance how you’re going to track your progress.



4. Upgrade your software

The year 2020 meant that many law firms went totally remote. While this change may not be permanent, it introduced new technologies that will continue to help practices stay relevant and competitive.


One major improvement is taking advantage of cloud computing. Software and applications are now completely web-based so that you and your team can connect with clients and manage cases from anywhere with an internet connection. Consider upgrading your software in 2021 so your processes continue to improve.



5. Renew your bankruptcy software

Before the new year begins, make sure your bankruptcy software is up-to-date and ready to help you grow your law firm. Making sure you have the right software now means you can hit the ground running in 2021! Look for software with tools like client texting, e-filing options, local forms, and a client portal. With all these tools and more, NextChapter has everything you'll need to run your practice.


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