Bankruptcy Software for Mac
Mac computers have become the norm for many law practices. Learn why they're a more popular option and how the right bankruptcy software for Mac can help streamline your practice.
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Published on Mar 09, 2021



For your bankruptcy law practice to be most efficient, you need the right tools you can use on devices you’re familiar with, like your Mac computer. Many attorneys in all practice areas now use Macs for daily tasks instead of PCs.


What are the benefits of using a Mac versus a PC? And how do you find the right bankruptcy software for Mac?



Benefits of using a Mac

For decades, attorneys have chosen PCs because Windows was considered the better, easier option for office tasks. However, Macs slowly became popular and sometimes offered new technologies and updates before their PC counterparts. Across many different industries, Macs have started to become the more popular option. Here are a few reasons why.


Macs last longer

Even though they are generally pricier, they tend to have a longer life. So, they may be more cost-efficient in the long run.


User-friendly features

Apple implements features that are extremely user-friendly so the average person can pick up how to use them quicker.


Fewer viruses

Macs have also been less susceptible to viruses, spyware, and malware. While it’s still possible for these devices to have problems, they’re much less frequent than on PCs.


Work with one company

Another benefit of a Mac computer is that there is just one company to turn to for support, whereas there are many different companies that make PCs and thus the issues behind a problem can become less clear.


Stylish devices

Finally, a big draw to Apple devices over the years has been purely aesthetic. They have always produced cutting-edge computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices that are sleek, stylish, and attractive. This only helps the Apple brand convince users that their devices will provide an overall better work experience.



For attorneys, these benefits mean that work can be done efficiently and practically while using the right Mac software for lawyers.



Using NextChapter on any device

More attorneys are using Macs in their practices, and you need the right bankruptcy software to support your daily tasks. NextChapter is compatible with Mac computers and iPhones, in addition to any Android and Windows device. We give you options so that you can always use the device and browser you’re most familiar with.


NextChapter is completely cloud-based, so client and case information is always stored securely. You can access information from anywhere, as long as you have a connected device.


Learn more about NextChapter’s lawyer software for Mac by signing up today.