Being a BK Lawyer During COVID-19
Being a bankruptcy lawyer during COVID-19 is a unique opportunity to help people with financial issues. Many people and businesses are expected to file for bankruptcy over the next few months, so being prepared to best serve your clients is important.
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Published on Jun 29, 2020


Even while much of the country is reopening and some states are seeing a reduction in COVID-19 cases, we’re still living in a pandemic. The impacts are going to be lasting, especially for the economy and workers across industries. What does this mean for you as a bankruptcy attorney?


Many Americans are facing unemployment and small businesses are forced to close for good. This means that people will start filing for bankruptcy or have other pressing legal needs.


But, data from the latest Legal Trends Report from Clio shows that over 30% of consumers believe that attorneys aren’t offering their services during the pandemic. Make sure you are still advertising your services and utilizing technology to help those in need.



Offering virtual meeting options


The same Clio report showed that over half of consumers (56%) think they should be able to have remote options for dealing with legal matters during COVID. And, the same percentage of consumers prefer using video conferencing technology versus a phone call.


Make sure your clients and potential clients know that you’re willing to provide more flexible options for communicating, like phone calls, texting, and virtual face-to-face meetings. Update your practice with the latest tools to make it happen.


Showing compassion


Now more than ever it’s crucial to show your clients that you care. Instead of getting caught up on growing your practice and attracting leads, focus on being there for the people who need your legal assistance. Show them you’re available anytime with the aforementioned communication methods. Always keep them updated on their case status. And check in once in a while to see how they’re doing with everything going on.

In the advertising you do engage in, make sure to be aware of what’s happening in the world, and don’t overstep. Read the room. Be kind and compassionate in everything you send out.


Providing flexible repayment options


Many people are afraid that they can’t afford legal services. Unfortunately, this may especially be true right now as we’re in an economic downturn. Advertise that you will offer repayment options for clients, like bifurcated bankruptcies. Be flexible about attorney fees. Sit down and assess your clients’ needs and come up with a plan that works for their specific situation.


You can even start offering pro bono services to help more clients in need of bankruptcy law or other legal assistance. Many attorneys and law students around the country are currently offering pro bono services during the pandemic. Doing so shows that you care about and are committed to helping people facing severe hardships during these uncertain conditions, instead of only focusing on growing law firm revenue.




Being a bankruptcy attorney during COVID-19 can actually be a blessing. Help more clients in need by advertising that you’re taking new cases, offering virtual meeting options, and providing flexible repayment or pro bono options.


Using a bankruptcy software like NextChapter helps you help your clients by providing an easy intake process through an online portal and features like client texting. You can also use the Modern Attorney Directory to advertise legal services and show that you're available to assist clients during this difficult time.