Lead Generation for Attorneys


The growth of your practice depends on your ability to generate client leads. But are you giving it the attention it deserves? Attorney lead generation tactics can take many forms. But no matter how you decide to start, it’s important that you integrate lead gen strategies into your business plan. Doing so will allow you to reach as many new clients as possible. Here’s a look at tips on how to generate leads.


Tips for Generating Leads for Your Law Practice

Be mobile-friendly

We live in a mobile, digital world. This means that your website needs to be mobile-friendly. Having a professional website that is accessible and easy to use in the mobile realm matters, as Pew Research shows 96 percent of Americans own a cellphone and 81 percent own a smartphone. And, making this a priority shows potential clients that you’re tech-savvy.

Your message needs to be where the people are, and the people are mobile.


Make SEO a focus

One way to improve your website’s SEO impact, which is essential if you want to be found online by clients, is to create a blog portion of your site where you give tips and share news with your audience. These articles should include keywords that your clients are using when searching for legal help or advice, which improves your searchability and your credibility.


Use keywords throughout your website

Aside from your blog section, your website should be full of keywords. This is a major part of implementing a successful SEO strategy. These include your practice’s location—city and state—as well as words like “hire a bankruptcy attorney” or “chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney” and the like.


Online advertising

When you utilize the online advertising tools available to you, your message will get in front of a lot more people, helping you generate quality leads. Consider tools like Google Adwords, a pay-per-click solution, or Google Remarketing Ads. These tools help you completely revamp your approach to SEO and will help your search engine rankings immensely.


Using the NextChapter Directory for Lead Generation

The NextChapter Directory provides many benefits when you’re focusing on lead generation for your bankruptcy or immigration law practice. The NextChapter site gets traffic from hundreds of leads who are seeking legal services, and these are quality leads that will most likely be converted into clients.


The directory helps you connect to the modern client, who is seeking legal services from modern attorneys that are flexible and can meet their lifestyle needs. This modern lifestyle can include remote meetings or meetings in a coffee shop, texting capability, and a client portal. Using the NextChapter application allows you to show your clients just how flexible you are. And, the profile feature allows you to be fully transparent about your fees, which leads will appreciate when making a choice.


When people are tasked with finding an attorney, emotions are high and they’re looking for someone they can connect with and trust. The NextChapter Directory allows you to show off your personal details and emphasize your credentials so that leads get the full picture. You can personalize your About page with fun facts about yourself, or even include links to your social media pages.


The best part? NextChapter does the work for you. We collect the leads and send you their information if they’re interested in your services. We also pass along all the details about their legal situation so you’re informed when you speak to them. Leads are delivered right to your inbox and minimal work is required of you.



Learn more about how the NextChapter Directory is your secret weapon for generating quality leads.