Meet the Paralegals: Aaron Preston


Meet Aaron Preston, an experienced virtual bankruptcy paralegal with NextChapter. Aaron has been working as a paralegal since 2001 and is based in Jacksonville, Florida.


With a passion for helping people and zero interest in the medical field, Aaron decided to work in the law, which always intrigued her.


She loves working with bankruptcy cases because they’re never boring, always something different to manage and think through.


“It keeps me on my toes,” she says.


Working in the comfort of her own home office is a big plus for Aaron and part of why she loves the virtual work environment. Using the legal software NextChapter speeds up her workflows, providing processing assistance with the intuitive client portal MyChapter. MyChapter streamlines data entry and client communication.


“The client portal is such a big help in the processing arena.”


Aaron also loves that everything, including supporting documents, is stored and can be accessed all in one place within NextChapter.


One hack to better productivity that Aaron swears by is keeping notes on each and every case. That way she can quickly look at the status of something without having to fully dive into the details.


When Aaron isn’t working as a virtual paralegal, she enjoys attending her church and going on mission trips to help others in need.


Virtual paralegals like Aaron create our strong team of professionals in NextChapter’s Paralegal as a Service offering for attorneys. If your practice needs an extra hand on your legal cases, hire these on-demand legal experts to assist with everything from client intake to case preparation.