Bankruptcy Attorneys Want to Continue Working Remotely, Survey Finds
A Bloomberg survey found that 71% of bankruptcy attorneys want remote work to continue. What are the pros of working remotely and how can you make sure your firm is prepared to remain digital for the long haul?
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Published on Sep 03, 2021



Attorneys have been working from home in record numbers over the last year-plus, and many are enjoying the new setup. A recent report from Bloomberg revealed that bankruptcy attorneys, in particular, are not yet ready to return to in-office work. The report found that 71% of bankruptcy lawyers say they would like remote options, even after pandemic social distancing restrictions are gone.


Specifically, bankruptcy attorneys would like uncontested hearings and status or discovery conferences to stay virtual, while 48% of bankruptcy attorneys want client meetings to stay remote, and 35% want depositions to be virtual. It’s clear that even if a shift back to in-person work does happen, some remote elements will likely stick around for the long haul.


Why do bankruptcy attorneys love working remotely so much? Let's find out. 



Top benefits of remote work for bankruptcy attorneys

It may seem like attorneys have one of those jobs that just can’t be conducted from home. However, the last year has proved otherwise, as courts around the country have been operating remotely, and firms have gone completely virtual. Bankruptcy attorneys are reaping the benefits. Here are a few of the pros:

  • No commute time: Attorneys don’t have to worry about traveling to work each day, saving them lots of time and energy.
  • Fewer office expenses: Some law firms are discovering that they can save money on office space or supplies when everyone is working remotely.
  • Safer environment: Of course, a big benefit of the remote situation right now is that no one has to worry about exposure to COVID-19 when going to work each day.
  • Going digital: Lots of benefits come from a digital transformation, like savings on physical storage space. Moving to the cloud means that staff can work on cases from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • More personal time: Working from home often means that attorneys can spend more time with their family or on their hobbies.
  • Embracing change: Other Bloomberg data from 2020 showed that two-thirds of bankruptcy practices were expanding or planning to expand, so working remotely has clearly been going well for them as they embrace new technologies.


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