2022 Clio Legal Trends Report
Clio’s 2022 Clio Trends Report has been released, and there are many fascinating trends, statistics, and insights to consider. Here are some notable NextChapter highlights of the latest report:
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Published on Apr 21, 2023

Full Report: https://www.clio.com/resources/legal-trends/2022-report/read-online/ 

Clio’s 2022 Clio Trends Report has been released, and there are many fascinating trends, statistics, and insights to consider. Here are some notable NextChapter highlights of the latest report:

Better Personal/Professional Outcomes

The new report reveals a significant trend in the legal industry: more lawyers are choosing to work from home. In fact, almost half (49%) of lawyers prefer to work from home. This shift also highlights the importance of cloud-based software for law firms, as it offers numerous advantages.

Another noteworthy finding from the report is that law firms using cloud-based LPM software are less likely to schedule meetings outside regular business hours. In other words, the right cloud-based software can positively impact a firm's overall culture. Lawyers are also “more likely to see positive outcomes in their personal and professional lives.”

Becoming Antifragile

In addition, cloud technology can make law firms more antifragile. By leveraging these tools, firms can better adapt to a volatile future and emerge stronger. The report points out that law firms must embrace technology even more, especially amidst a potential economic downturn and an increasingly dynamic regulatory environment.

The Blurring Of Work/Life Balance

While lawyers may have more work flexibility thanks to the rise of technology, this also poses new problems that blur the lines between work and personal life. This can put lawyers at risk of burnout, which can have negative consequences for law firms worldwide.

NextChapter’s virtual paralegals can help lawyers remain productive and focus on more relevant work while saving law firms money and time. To ensure that healthy boundaries are established, our NextMessage feature, which helps lawyers communicate with clients through SMS, enables them to keep their phone numbers private.  

Online Payments

Thanks to the rise in smartphone technology, more clients are looking for convenient and flexible ways to pay their legal fees. The report pointed out that 70% of clients want the option to pay a lawyer via a payment plan, and a secure online portal can help enable and empower that process.

NextChapter makes it easier than ever to accept online payments, especially thanks to our USIO integration. Our platform is easy to use, whether you’re trying to generate invoices, set up a recurring payment system, or looking for a more convenient option regarding secure client portals. You can read more about our USIO payment integration here

What Are Clients Are Looking For?

As always, the 2022 Clio Trends Report offers insights regarding how law firms can attract more clients. First, clients are still looking for law firms in their area, and location is still a significant factor for law firms when they get hired. 

Second, a quick response can go a long way. Specifically, 79% of clients expect a response from law firms within 24 hours. Many law firms fall short when it comes to offering quick responses, which can cost them money in the long term. Technology can help modern law firms and their communication needs, and also help track communications and messaging in a centralized location.

While no lawyer can make themselves available 24/7, technology allows services to be automated that can help streamline client intake, scheduling, and more.

How NextChapter Helps

NextChapter is an innovative cloud-based platform that helps lawyers prepare, manage, and file bankruptcy cases. Thousands of attorneys trust NextChapter to help them save time and money. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and updates!